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Meet the new standard for computer science education. Helix is an open-source platform that combines the best parts of every platform into one. Built by students for students.

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Helix is designed from the ground up to be easy and convinient to use.

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Everything you need to learn programming is right here. From a fast and modern code editor, debugger and code runner to interactive courses, communities and forums. We are a non-profit platform, built by students for students.

  • Integrated development enviorment: No need to leave the browser window with our web IDE. Write the code with the problem statement side-by-side.
  • Courses: Learn new things by taking our free courses. They're fast paced and well explained.
  • Cloud: All your projects and progress is automatically saved securely in the cloud. Access from your account on any device.

No experience? No problem.

Helix is a platform open to learning. Take our beginner courses to get started in the world of programming. Designed to take minimal time and get straight to the point. Discuss with other learners on our forum!

What makes us different?

A comparison between similar websites.
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Custom help
Full personalization
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Our Mission

You know that friend that you talk about the future with?

Well we're two friends, Stefan and Mihai that talk about the future. The future of education. We both came up with a similar idea while talking about how great it would be to have a platform that would emphasize the importance of practical programming in 🇷🇴 Romania.

Stefan took it a step further and implemented it for #InfoEducatie2023, where the project also won the first place. Later on, Mihai came and started reworking its foundations and started writing CTF challenges for our contest BitByBit.

We wanted a platform that could emphasize practical programming in an easy to use way, give us information about various CS career paths and still teach DS&A. Web based IDEs, Forums, Contests and so much more. What you see as Helix is only the beginning.

Helix is an attempt at becoming a blend of everything that we needed when we started pursuing our degrees and an attempt at modernizing the education system.

So what are you waiting for?

It would mean the world to us if you think Helix will impact your education for the better and would sign up! We are working hard to deliver the best free and open source experience to improve computer science education.